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Tableau Consulting Helping Companies Deliver Successful Tableau and Data Projects for 馃搱Finance, 馃搳Marketing and 馃搲Sales.

Our Services

Our Tableau Consulting Services

Our simple Tableau services are designed to help you at any project lifecycle stage.

Need help with capturing your complex business requirements from stakeholders for your dashboard? Our business analysis service will help reduce complexity and ensure your dashboards are built to specification.

Our Tableau dashboard design service delivers tailor-made designs that transform business requirements and raw data into crystal-clear visuals.

Need a Tableau dashboard as soon as possible? Our Tableau dashboard prototyping service swiftly transforms complex data problems into intuitive, actionable dashboards in minimal time.

Simplify technical Tableau deployment hassles. Our Tableau dashboard deployment service streamlines data-driven success so that you can focus on your business, not on technical challenges

Are your legacy dashboards still working as intended? Let Tableau constancy test them to ensure they’re powering your success, not holding you back.

Our Solutions

Our Tableau Solutions

Ready to plug your data into an existing turnkey solution? Browse our financial, sales and marketing dashboards to see if they fit your current data.

Tableau Financial Dashboards

Get a 360-degree view of your company鈥檚 finances. Gain financial insights from our professional-grade Tableau finance dashboards.

Tableau Marketing Dashboards

Need help understanding your customer? Boost your marketing ROI with our Tableau marketing dashboards.

Tableau Sales Dashboards

Boost sales and ignite growth with plug-and-play Tableau sales dashboards.

View our many examples of Tableau dashboards.

How does working with Quantize Analytics work?

Once you fill out our contact form, an analyst will reach out to you for a discussion about the following:

  1. Your business requirements

  2. Your current data environment

  3. Project scope

We will analyze your unique needs for your project.

We will then present a quote and flexible engagement plan to meet your requirements.

You can decide whether to continue or not with our services. There are no obligations.

What is the pricing for working with a consultant?

When you team up with us, the cost of working with a consultant depends on several factors:

Your specific business goals

The number of estimated hours needed

The scope of the project

Accessibility and security of data

We offer flexible options such as hourly, daily, or monthly billing units.

This will provide the best value for money to you.

Can I add analysts to my existing in-house data analytics team?

Our friendly Tableau consultants are here to assist in any way that works for you.

We will integrate with your in-house analytics team whenever you need our expertise.

Does Quantize Analytics offer ad-hoc support?

At Quantize Analytics, we can provide ad-hoc support services.
We can work on:

  1. Programs

  2. Projects

  3. Routine tasks

  4. Proof of concepts

  5. Anything between

Our dedicated team is ready to assist you at every stage

From project initiation to deployment, we can help you.

View sample dashboards in our Tableau Dashboard Portfolio

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